Ebbsfleet Green Creative Identity


Liz Middleton is a sculptor. She trained in fine art and traditional stone carving and her artistic practice includes site-specific art, contemporary sculpture and letter carving.

Artistic process & intention

Her artistic process involves research and listening to people. She will look through different ‘lenses’ to learn about the history and culture of the area, getting to know the landscape and physical space, and talking to members of the community. To develop a concept for the project she will distil everything she discovers down to a number of themes to capture Ebbsfleet Green’s unique story.

Materials, ways of working & inspiration

Liz works intuitively with materials. She often works with stone but also chooses her materials and ways of making based on their suitability for a place or concept. Her work uses contrast between the characteristics and qualities of her chosen materials and their placement or composition to tell a story. She is particularly interested in site specific research and sculptures that live in the ‘real’ world – in our homes and streets. She looks for integrity and beauty in the way an idea, the material, the process and the quality of making, are linked.

First thoughts

Liz feels Ebbsfleet is an incredibly special place. It may have been lived and worked in for 400,000 years and there are lots of exciting themes to explore. These include prehistoric archaeological finds like the Swanscombe skull, the area’s rich industrial heritage which includes chalk quarrying and boat building, and the vibrant and visionary Garden City being created today.

Selected artworks

Below are images of a few previous artworks made by Liz. To see more, please visit her website here.