Ebbsfleet Green Creative Identity

What is ‘Ebbsfleet Green Creative Identity’?

A public art project commissioned by Redrow Homes, the housebuilder delivering the new neighbourhood at Ebbsfleet Green.

Why has Redrow commissioned this project?

Redrow and the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation believe arts and culture are fundamental to wellbeing, developing a sense of place, building communities, and bringing joy and inspiration to people’s lives. The project aims to integrate art into the physical and social infrastructure of this new development.

What outcomes are Redrow looking for?

Through art created specifically in response to the Ebbsfleet Green area and community, Redrow hopes to celebrate local heritage, enhance people’s experience through creativity, and generate a sense of identity and pride amongst its residents.

What is ‘Who else is involved in the project?

It will be managed by Artscape Management and overseen by The Public Art Steering Panel, which is made up of representatives from the community, Ebbsfleet Development Corporation and Redrow. The artist selected by The Public Art Steering Panel to lead the project is sculptor Liz Middleton.

What’s the artist’s role?

Liz’s role is to engage with you the community, look into the cultural context and history of the area and create a site-specific artistic response that may surprise and delight!