Ebbsfleet Green Creative Identity

What is in a name?

9 October 2023

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.” William […]

Sculptural drawings

22 September 2023

Once the tree composition and location was set, I started to explore sculptural shapes in aluminium wire. At first I […]

Location, location, location

6 September 2023

Now we have a concept to bring together five cherry trees and sculptural drawings in an art installation, the next […]

Tree Picking

24 August 2023

So now we have a concept to bring together trees and three-dimensional ‘line drawings’, the first thing to do to […]


14 January 2023

Once the theme of NATURE and PEOPLE was set for the artwork, I began to explore how the concept design […]

Art Theme

28 November 2022

Following extensive research into the area’s rich history all the way from prehistoric, Roman, Saxon, Viking, Norman, Elizabethan, Victorian and […]

Public Art Survey Launch

Public Art Survey launched!

27 January 2021

The Ebbsfleet Green Creative Identity website went live today launching the community Public Art Survey. Today, we’re right at the […]